Substitute Success 7 Program

Your Gateway to Professional Development as a Substitute Teacher

Achieve more, get rewarded

While a student’s work ethic in the classroom is a key contributor to his or her success, the teacher’s ability to inspire students plays an equally important role. Through our partnership with the Sanford Inspire Program of Arizona State University, we have developed our “Substitute Success 7”, a series of their On-Demand Modules.

Topics include:

  • Building Relationships with Students
  • Giving Clear Directions for a Task
  • Basic Proactive Classroom Management
  • Delivering Effective Feedback
  • Structuring Cooperative Learning
  • Helping Students Believe They Can Learn
  • Giving Effective Praise

Why complete the Substitute Success 7?

The series, chosen specifically for our substitute teachers, is meant to help you continuously grow in your role and ultimately help inspire students to reach their full potential. It is your chance to grow professionally and to learn important skills and traits to become the most inspirational teacher you can be.